The Splitzee Story

Before starting Splitzee, we were members of a lot of groups. Most of them were dysfunctional when it came to "group money." When we volunteered, we got burned on the money and frustrated with our friends, members, and teammates. Awkward conversations about money became inevitable. Our friendships suffered, relationships permanently scarred.

We believe, deeply, that we are happier when our groups thrive. The value of combining resources is measured not just in dollars, but also in the strength and depth of our relationships. Eliminating friction over money enhances and strengthens our human connections. Splitzee strives to strengthen relationships by unleashing the full potential of group money.

That's why we (go) Splitzee.

The Splitzee Mission & Vision

Splitzee’s mission is to make group experiences delightful by eliminating the stress of group money.

Splitzee is the best way to collect, manage, and spend group money without anxiety, awkwardness, or delays. We approached the challenge of creating our tools with a “group-first” mentality. Our designs boast powerful elements that make handling money smart and painless. Our user experience is delightful, simple, and secure. We believe that by eliminating the stress that money adds to our groups: Splitzee makes groups stronger.