Make the most of what Splitzee has to offer – baked right in to your website.

Integrate group payments into your functionality with a few easy steps.

Splitzee On The Go

Blend Splitzee into the way your clubs, teams, or groups use your website.

If your website or service touches groups and their money, Splitzee can help make life easier – saving them time and making you money.

How integrating Splitzee is done

Drop a  line of Javascript into your website or app and tell us where to work – we do the rest.

Add Two Lines of Code

Add the Splitzee Javascript library to your <head> tag and another one on the pages where you want the Splitzee icon to appear. We do the rest. Use your own CSS. Need more control? We've got plenty of options.

Link to your existing API

Got an API with additional information about your users or their groups? Plug it in using our standards and expand the breadth and depth of your results. No API? No worries - Splitzee works just fine on its own.


Work with our partnership team to customize your users' experience - from co-branded interfaces to unique group and fund templates designed exclusively for your needs.

Wondering how Splitzee might work for your service?

Splitzee Two Ways

Pilot testing or a full-fledged integration – Splitzee gives you two great options.

Simple Drop In

Adding Splitzee to your user experience really couldn’t be easier. Seriously. With our Drop-in API, you’ll find a quick, simple, ready-made process that’s as easy to implement in the back as it is for your users to use in the front.

Full Custom Experience

Our Full API will let you tailor-make your user experience flow, but leave most the headaches of setup, maintenance, management and payments compliance to us. Contact us for more information about working Splitzee into your world.

If you’re still reading at this point, you’ve got to be intrigued. Call us to say hello.