The world’s first cloud-based money management service designed specifically for groups.

Get a debit card & full online
money management for your group

  • Collect money from anyone online
  • Manage receipts and reimbursements with ease
  • Collect recurring payments, send email blasts and more
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Managing money for your group should be easy.

Say it with me: “refillable group debit card.” And it just gets better.

Managing money for your club, team, or group has always been a pain. Now it’s not.

Managing money for your group should be easy.

It’s the 21st century. Why are you still doing it the old-fashioned way?

A refillable debit card for your expenses

We send you a debit card exclusively for your group, tied to the funds you collect with Splitzee. At any time you can refill your card with a few button clicks, and then use that money anywhere your team needs to spend it. It’s tailor-made for travel expenses or petty cash, and you never have to mix your money with the group’s money ever again.

Online receipt management

Now anyone in your group can request money and submit a photo of the receipt if they have it. All you have to do is click to approve and pay – and you’re done! Everything is tracked and logged so you know exactly who paid what and when.

Send money to anyone with a click

This might be the coolest part: with Splitzee’s PayAnyone™ service you can send money to anyone and have them claim it with just their email address. No more writing checks or carrying cash – we can transfer money directly to anyone on your list in the way THEY want it: direct to their bank account, you name it. All with just a few clicks.

Wondering if Splitzee is right for your group?

Everything You Never Knew You Always Wanted

If group money were always like this it would be pretty awesome.


Right when you sign up we’ll send you a VISATM debit card good at hundreds of thousands of merchants worldwide. Any time you want, transfer funds from Splitzee to your card and voila! Instant purchases.


With just a few clicks, anyone in your group can request money and submit a receipt. Another click and it’s approved and paid right out of your Splitzee balance, automatically tracked and logged.


Collecting monthly dues? How about letting people chip in on the installment plan? With Splitzee you can set up regular payment requests with a few clicks the contributor gets a simple reminder and voila – money in your group’s pocket.


Let’s face it: keeping track of who paid you and when – and who YOU paid and when – can get tricky fast. Splitzee logs it all and gives you easy ways to review and report on what happened. Just click away and let Splitzee do the remembering.


Whether’s it’s money-related or just a blast to tell everyone where the next meeting is going to be, we can help. Use our one-click interface to send blast messages via email or text, any time you want.


Sometimes you need to reimburse someone or cut a check – but that can be tricky when you don’t really know their payment details. No problem – select someone (or a merchant or a business) and the amount. We let the recipient choose how they want their money.

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