Splitzee is an easy, hassle-free way for your group to manage its money.

Money in, money out, any way you want it.
In the cloud. Splitzee OnDemand and MoneyCloud

Save yourself time, money and hassle.

Splitzee is the first website designed to “solve” social money.

At Splitzee, our mission is to make group experiences delightful by eliminating the stress of group money. Our group-centric features are here to do just that.

Accept Credit Cards, Checks … Whatever

One of the toughest parts of “group money” is that different people use money in different ways.

Some people carry cash, some use Visa, AMEX, and some people still like to cut checks. With Splitzee, you can easily collect money from all of your invitees, regardless of how they manage money. All major credit/debit, ACH (direct transfer) all log automatically. If someone hands you cash, you can log an “offline contribution” so that you have all of your information in one place. Simple, as intended.

Easy Management

Group-centric management tools keep your group – and you – happy.

For the first time, fund managers feel encouraged to manage social money. Invite participants quickly, decide how you will ask for contributions (split evenly, make mandatory), set a target date or leave the fund open-ended. Customize privacy settings, set a goal, display contributor lists, show progress and so much more! All of the tools are accessible from The Dashboard.

Hands-Free Tracking

Sending one person money might be easy, but what if you have 5, 10, 20, or 100 people to worry about?

That’s where tracking comes in, and makes group money management easy. All of your invitees, contributors, amounts and a comments thread are available in the same place. This makes it easy to discover who has paid (and when), who hasn’t and who hasn’t even responded to your invite. Keeping all of these features in one place gives the fund manager the tools necessary to have a successful collection.

Automatic Reminders

Sick of chasing down friends/family/coworkers for cash? So are we.

Set automated reminders. That way, your people won’t think of you as the bad guy. Reminders can be scheduled to send throughout your collection period. Say you have a fund that you want to collect for in 3 weeks. Reminders will be sent automatically up to five times, spread evenly over the course of those three weeks. Reminders are turned off automatically when someone contributes, or when they click the option to “Stop sending reminders.” If they do that, you’ll be notified by email, too. Let Splitzee take the lead on managing your messages so you can keep your relationships intact.

One-Click Payments

Okay you’ve got all your money in one place. Now what?

Sometimes you need to reimburse someone or cut a check – or pay for that party or gift or event. That can be tricky when you don’t really know how the recipient wants their money. No problem – select someone (or a merchant or a business) and the amount. We let the recipient choose how they want their money. They can choose direct-deposit, check, and many more options. Our goal? Money in, money out, any way you want it. We call it PayAnyoneTM. You’ll call it awesome.

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More Detail

Need more facts? We’ve got plenty.

Think of all the things that make managing money for your club, team, or group painful. Then think about the ways they could be SO much better.That’s pretty much Splitzee.

Collect Online

“Money in any way you want” is Splitzee’s promise.  When people contribute by Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Splitzee logs it automatically. When they pay you with cash, check, Venmo or Bitcoin, you can record an “offline contribution” in three clicks.


You can send a message anyone you want: new people, contributors, “non-contributors,” a single person, or everyone. You can send messages to make announcements, invite people, update them, encourage them, or thank them.


Money can be a sensitive topic, so Splitzee makes it easy to choose to show or hide who you invited, who contributed, how much they contributed, and payments out of the fund. Splitzee suggests transparency, but you can always set them your way.


Let’s face it: keeping track of who paid you and when – and who YOU paid and when – can get tricky fast. Splitzee logs it all and gives you easy ways to review and report on what happened. Just click away and let Splitzee do the remembering.


You probably hate reminding people to chip in, or chasing them. We don’t mind at all! Set a “deadline” and turn on reminders. Emily, your “assistant” from Splitzee, will send up to five reminders automatically. They stop automatically when someone contributes, or clicks the stop button.


Sometimes you need to reimburse someone or cut a check – but that can be tricky when you don’t really know their payment details. No problem – select someone (or a merchant or a business) and the amount. We let the recipient choose how they want their money.

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