Team Splitzee

Here we are! Our team is here for your team!

Michael Sattler


ACTIVITIES: softball, baseball, foosball

  • Michael has been in the internet business since 1995 and has been playing team sports since 1977. He was an outstandingly poor left fielder on his youth baseball team, but somehow improved and served as an admirably decent third baseman from 1992-2008 for a number of company teams. His performance in the team foosball tournaments at Endurance International was the stuff of legend, and as a father of three he’s constantly engaged in supporting team-related activities for his kids. Michael also has an annoying habit of leading startup teams, founding two companies in the late 90s, growing another one into the $100 million range, then starting several more.


John Marchiony


ACTIVITIES: baseball, crew, skiing, tennis

  • John is a chronic coach and team captain, spending what seems like most of his time in and around teams. He also spent time in sports marketing with HMG Sports, and as Vice President, Venture Development for the New Enterprise Factory, a consultancy specializing in strategic partnerships crossing the for-profit, not-for-profit boundary. He has recently served on the launch teams for several early stage startups like Cauzoom and CampusTVs.


Jeremy Brace


ACTIVITIES: video games, movies, side projects.

  • Jeremy has been developing for over a decade. Since he can remember, he has been infatuated with computers, and getting them to do what he commands. Jeremy is drawn to solving problems creatively and efficiently- and takes the same approach to his side projects and Final Fantasy career.


Nitish Mahipal Surana


ACTIVITIES: cricket, traveling, meditation

  • Nitish is a Northeastern University student, and a Masters Degree candidate in computer science. He is currently a full stack development intern at Splitzee. Nitish is intricately involved in the complete re-building of the Splitzee website, including: API development, re-factoring and adding new features. In his free time, Nitish loves to explore his new home in Boston and beyond.




Splitzee Alumni…

Eric Ritvo


SPORTS: skiing, running, soccer, poker

  • Eric is a committed amateur athlete. More impressively, and more successfully, he’s involved in extraordinarily complex fantasy sports leagues with friends and has, most recently, employed “The Costanza Strategy” with great success. Since moving to Boston in 1999, Eric has contributed to the startup, growth, and success of companies at every stage of development. Following a successful 15-year career as an attorney, Eric transitioned to entrepreneurship and successfully co-founded the Richer Pour Wine Company, a pioneer in the wine on tap space. Before that, Eric was on the legal team at Signature Consultants, Sapient, and Endurance International Group.



Collin Pham


Sports: cross country

  • Collin ran cross-country in school (which we presume doesn’t mean that he ran indoors, since that would make for a short course. He’s currently studying technology at Northwestern University and is captaining Splitzee’s field marketing efforts (among other things) this summer.



Elizabeth Sattler


SPORTS: biking, running

  • Elizabeth has biked all over Massachusetts and elsewhere in New England. Her YouTube channel is doing VERY well and she’s great on-camera. Elizabeth spearheaded Splitzee’s social media efforts and led our customer engagement team this summer.