Team money made painless.

Splitzee is the world's first payments company
designed exclusively for teams.

What can Splitzee do for your team?

Everyone knows managing money for groups is a pain. We make it painless.

Splitzee Repay

Easy reimbursement for fees already paid
Splitzee takes the hassle out of getting repaid. Just drop in your team and the amounts they owe and let us do the work.
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League Dues Repayment Get paid back faster with less hassle.
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Team Equipment Fund Bought a bunch of stuff for the squad? Get paid back quick.
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Victory Party Fund It's a blur for us too. Get everyone paid for what they spent.
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Splitzee Advance

Pay before you play.
Nobody likes to front the money for a big expense if they don't have to. Now you can collect funds before they're owed.
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Road Trip Travel Fund Taking the team to regionals? Pre-fund the trip.
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Coach Gift Fund The coach deserves it! Pool money for something nice.
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Uniform Fund Looking awesome is key. Chip in to afford the best.
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Splitzee Card

Group funded gift cards for team expenses
The days of nickel-and-diming your team are over. Fund your American Express™ gift card with contributions and use it for ... whatever.
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General Team Expenses Card Pay for whatever the team needs when it needs it.
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Pizza and Beer Card Going out for beverages? Use team money, not yours.
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Team Travel Card Pre-fund your next trip and pay for everything as you go.
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What You Get

Make your teams happy all season long. Learn more
"The ease alone made Splitzee worth it; parents didn't have to write checks, and I didn't have to chase after people to remind them. I wish I'd had this 10 years ago when my kids were in Little League."
- Candace Paquin Wayland-Weston Crew


Splitzee is free to use - service fees apply only to withdrawn funds.
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Prepaid Debit Cards


Our service fees are to help cover credit-card and PayPal processing costs.

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