Splitzee is transforming the way people pool money

Set up a personalized page to collect money from friends and family

It's fast, easy, and secure.

Things Splitzee is Great For

March Madness

Worry about your bracket, not the money

Wedding Gifts

No more gravy boats! Get together to give something amazing

Ski Weekends

Three couples, six lift tickets, one tool to pool funds

Baby Showers

Everyone can chip in for one great gift - even when they're out of town

Spring Break

Make it easy to collect funds from the whole crew.

Gifts for the teacher

No more 'World's best teacher' mugs, please!

Fantasy sports pools

An easier way to collect entry fees

Personal registries

Why not ask for what you really want?

How it Works

1. Create a collection

Set up personalized campaign in 60 seconds,
ask for what you really want

2. Invite people to contribute

Bring your social circle on board
to help you fundraise faster

3. Collect funds online

Reach your goal: get your funds via direct deposit, check, or gift card!

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Some of Our Favorite Splitzees

Yehuda Salamon
There will inevitably be urgent or new needs that arise for the Salamons as Yehuda undergoes... More »
2009-08-09 360 6
From Shira Berkovits
Holly Bishop Stroke Recovery Fund
Holly Bishop, our dear friend and classmate suffered a serious stroke in September. She is now on... More »
2013-12-27 3,000 21
From Adam Zand
Arlington, MA
Professional Camcorder For RussMarine By Christmas!
Russ has been vloging for the LGBT community for over a year now and he has done most of it with... More »
2013-12-25 3,050 8
From Van Tyler
Waltham Track Club XC Coach's Gift
This season Coach Joe has spent countless, tireless hours in all manner of weather. He's handled... More »
2013-12-20 500 29
From Jeff Woolbert
Ms. Melcher 1st Grade Class Holiday Gift
Hi all, Hope this makes it easy for everyone that wants to contribute to the group holiday gift... More »
2014-01-01 180 9
From Beth Baumberger


Splitzee is the best group fundraising and payment platform. We're different because we're focused on you.


We give you the power to fully customize your page with graphics and your messaging!

Customer Support

We care about our customers. New features are built with our customers in mind.


Invite your social group to contribute in just a few clicks!


Get notified everytime someone contributes. Now you know exactly how your collection does at all times!


Connecting your Facebook profile and provide identity information, giving your donors peace of mind!

Bank Cash Out

As quick as next day ACH cash out.
Get your money out faster.

Pricing & Fees

Aside from our fees, there are no taxes and no shipping or handling fees.
And unlike gift cards, the cash in your Splitzee account can be used on anything you want!

  • Cash-out

    • with our store partners
  • Contributions

    • paid by contributors or deducted from your total

Get a physical check mailed out or an ACH transfer to your account for 1% and $5.


Splitzee is a website that allows users to collect funds for an event or to buy just about any item or service, collecting from friends and family who contribute to the collection.
Anyone can visit Splitzee.com and create a collection page for gifts, events, or services that they want to collect funds for. Those wanting to create a collection will set up a personalized collection page and then send out personalized invites to friends and family members inviting them to contribute.
No. You do not have to use the funds that you collect for the purpose stated on the collection you created.
Because Splitzee is a simple and secure way for users to collect funds for an endless variety of uses. Whether you want to raise funds for wedding gifts or a group organization wants to electronically collect membership fees, the possibilities are endless with Splitzee.com. Splitzee.com makes every step of the collection process secure, simple and user-friendly.
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About Us

Splitzee solves the age-old social problem of collecting funds to buy things as a group:
gifts, meals, travel ... we make it easy and even a little bit fun! Learn how it works »

For retailers

Splitzee quickly integrates with shopping carts, registries, and wishlists to harness the power of group purchasing.

For developers

Splitzee's API let you build group purchasing into your
applications and tools.