Transform the wayyou pool money

Hassle-freegroup gifting

Create your personalized page for pooling money today.
Memorable group gifts just got a whole lot easier.

We built the money-pooling platform
with a million uses.

How It Works


Build a customized web page to tell people what you're pooling for, with space for images, messages, and details about you. The better your page, the higher participation rates you'll get, even among friends.


Use our on-platform messaging tools to send email and social media messages to the people in your pool, and keep track of who's in and who's out.


Withdraw your funds via direct deposit or paper check, or make a purchase directly from our partners. There's no threshold or artifical restrictions - your funds are yours!

Why It's Awesome

Accept credit cards

Instead of juggling cash and checks

Buy and do more

Leverage the buying power of a group

No goal required

Your funds belong to you

Get funds in 3 days

Via direct deposit

Easy to set up and maintain

Get up and running in five minutes

Secure withdrawals

We triple-verify all transfers

Keep track of who's in

No more forgotten contributors

Ready to get started?


for Splitzees under $200.
for Splitzees over $200.
Choose between direct deposit or check when cashing out

Michael Sattler


Welcome to Splitzee

Before starting Splitzee, we looked around and noticed something interesting: increasingly, we feel we're better off when our families and friends and neighbors are better off. That's why we're here: We want to bring people closer together by transforming the way we pool money.

If we can help make your life just a bit better by helping you come together as a group, we've done our job.

P.S. We're always looking for stories about how you use Splitzee. Send us your story or Tweet it with the hashtag #gosplitzee